Goldman Sachs funding causes uproar

Twelve members of the local station board have written an open letter to KPFA’s interim general manager Andrew Phillips objecting to what they say is “completely inappropriate” behavior on his part toward the station’s journalists, after news staff broke the story of a $15,000 donation from Goldman Sachs to Pacifica.

A scan of the actual checks from Goldman Sachs Gives raises more questions than it answers, showing that the funds were earmarked for a series on hydro-fracking, but leaving off important attachments and presenting conflicting information, which is being investigated. The fund was started by the firm’s partners in 2007, as part of a public relations campaign to deflect criticism over its executive bonuses and involvement in the global financial meltdown.

WBAI’s Finance Committee, which had uncovered the donation a little over a week ago, has passed a motion expressing frustration that management has not responded to its inquiries.