KPFA’s board calls on Pacifica to drop union busters, picket scheduled Apr. 18

Jackson Lewis picket at KPFA

COME TO A PICKET: KPFA’s workers have called a picket to protest Pacifica’s hire of union-busters Jackson Lewis and invite listeners to attend. It’s on Wednesday, April 18, noon-1pm, in front of KPFA. Be there, bring friends! Since news broke that Pacifica has hired notorious anti-union legal firm Jackson Lewis, a petition against union-busting at the network … Read more

Fund drive comes up short; KFCF nixes KPFA’s new programming

KPFA’s Fall Fund Drive has come up over $100,000 short, mostly due to a stunning $8500 per day shortfall during the morning hours (see chart at right comparing this fall with last fall, when the Morning Show was still on the air). Among the questionable programs broadcast during the drive was one presented by interim … Read more

No confidence in Pacifica-appointed manager, says local board

On September 10, KPFA’s Local Station Board passed a resolution saying it had “no confidence” in KPFA’s interim general manager Andrew Leslie Phillips, who was installed by Pacifica’s executive director Arlene Engelhardt about six months ago. The vote was 11-8. All SaveKPFA-affiliated board members present voted for the measure. “After Pacifica cancelled the Morning Show … Read more

KPFA recall campaign: almost there!

Signatures continue to roll in on the petition drive to recall KPFA board member Tracy Rosenberg, who also sits on the Pacifica National Board. We are close to meeting our goal, but we need your help TODAY to put us over the top. Please PRINT & SIGN the recall petition here: (If you have … Read more

Call for “evidence-based” programming, while KPFA’s manager blames staff and listeners for funding decline

Aileen Alfandary, co-director of KPFA’s News, explained to local KPFA board members on May 21 how top-down program changes have damaged the station. | LISTEN TO 4 MINUTE AUDIO CLIP She asked the station’s board to require management to adhere to “evidence-based” decisions, and presented the graph at the right comparing hour-by-hour fund totals for … Read more

Survey results show 91% support Morning Show return, listeners ready to act

Thanks to all of you who participated, SaveKPFA has just completed our first-ever survey. The survey was a response to KPFA management’s announcement of drastic programming changes — all without consulting KPFA’s listeners. Seventy percent of those surveyed said the changes would decrease their listening time, and 65% said the new changes would decrease the … Read more

Goldman Sachs funding causes uproar

Twelve members of the local station board have written an open letter to KPFA’s interim general manager Andrew Phillips objecting to what they say is “completely inappropriate” behavior on his part toward the station’s journalists, after news staff broke the story of a $15,000 donation from Goldman Sachs to Pacifica. A scan of the actual … Read more

Understanding the relationship between KPFA and Pacifica

How could the Pacifica network, which KPFA listeners and staff fought to make accountable a decade ago, now go to war with local staff and listeners? Listen to this short audio clip (7 minutes) of SaveKPFA-affiliated board member Matthew Hallinan explaining the big picture on Friday’s KPFA Local Station Board Show. You can find the … Read more

Listener outrage forces KPFA management to abandon plans to remove 9AM Democracy Now!

BREAKING NEWS — A VICTORY! Over the weekend, hundreds of you sent letters to KPFA’s managers protesting their plan to make sweeping programming changes without input from staff and listeners. In a hastily-called staff meeting yesterday morning, according to KPFA workers, the station’s interim general manager Andrew Phillips and interim program director Carrie Core agreed … Read more

WBAI funds came from Goldman Sachs, says Pacifica

Three days after the story broke on April 22, Pacifica management is now saying that its New York City station, WBAI, received $10,000 from corporate finance giant Goldman Sachs (not corporate finance giant Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, as originally stated by WBAI’s general manager). The Pacifica network has a long-standing policy of not taking corporate … Read more