What is SaveKPFA? SaveKPFA is a coalition of listeners, paid and unpaid staff working to support the nation’s first listener-sponsored radio station, KPFA 94.1FM, based in Berkeley, California. We seek to rally progressive support for the station. Listener and staff candidates affiliated with SaveKPFA form the majority on the KPFA Local Station Board.

Who supports SaveKPFA? Our endorsers include many prominent left activists, academics, writers, artists, and elected officials, as well as listeners and staff. As the national network that owns KPFA’s license has struggled, SaveKPFA has received a outpouring of support from listeners and staff who are extremely concerned about the future of KPFA, including listeners, elected officials and educators.

What is KPFA’s relationship with Pacifica?
KPFA is a healthy radio station with dedicated listener supporters and talented staff. However, it’s relationship with the national Pacifica network is complex. Pacifica, as the parent corporation, has in the past dipped into KPFA’s bank accounts and took money to pay corporate bills. For many years KPFA has been the “cash cow” for the rest of the Pacifica stations and units.

What are SaveKPFA’s goals? As in the fight to save KPFA and the network in 1999, we oppose the Pacifica Board imposing its own agenda on KPFA. We have dedicated ourselves to building the station, raising funds and working for local control of our station. We are committed to seeking common ground with other listeners and staff who share our concerns about the state of the station. We need to save this precious resource.

Did SaveKPFA “steal” its name, as is alleged by some on the internet?
No, this is a myth perpetruated by a handful of people who were part of a long-defunct early 1990s group. The words “save” and “KPFA” or “Pacifica” have been used by many activists over the last decades. Many of us organizing and supporting today’s SaveKPFA were centrally involved in these movements. We chose the name SaveKPFA with great respect for these broad collective efforts.

You may reach SaveKPFA via this form or call us at 510-969-9373.