Berkeley’s Labor Commission resolution on KPFA, passed 12/8/10

WHEREAS the recent layoffs of KPFA’s Morning Show staff have been troubling to Berkeley’s labor community and have raised questions about their conformance with the contract between Pacifica radio system’s management and Communications Workers Local 9415 which, at the least, should be investigated; and

WHEREAS the ongoing labor disputes and financial situation of KPFA have led several other employees to accept voluntary layoffs; and

WHEREAS the canceled Morning Show represented a vital civic forum for the San Francisco Bay Area and, further, the constitution and spirit of Pacifica’s listener-employee run radio has symbolic implications to its many listeners and the City of Berkeley as a whole; and

WHEREAS KPFA’s stature as a mainstay of a democratic Berkeley is being challenged by the ongoing labor dispute; and

WHEREAS this ongoing dispute runs counter to Berkeley’s longstanding commitment to labor rights and free and fair negotiation

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Berkeley calls on the management of Pacifica radio to negotiate in good faith with Communications Workers Local 9415 in an effort to seek a fair and speedy resolution

LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that the Berkeley City Council shall offer its services or those of its designees to provide mediation assistance to the disputing parties.