KPFA local board, staff object to Pacifica’s removal of station manager

Pacifica’s top official moved to oust KPFA’s interim general manager, Andrew Phillips in a phone call on April 12th. Phillips told KPFA’s elected Local Station Board (LSB) on April 13 that interim Pacifica executive director Summer Reese told him to vacate his office within a week. Here’s a report that ran on the Pacifica Evening … Read more

KPFA wraps up successful winter fund drive

On March 6, KPFA’s winter fund drive wrapped up, finishing two days earlier than 2012’s winter fund drive — and raising $100,000 more. Thanks to all of you in KPFA-land who pledged, and a special thanks to those who helped out in the phone room. If you didn’t get a chance to, you can give … Read more

WBAI tower gets eviction notice, FSRN on the brink

Unfortunately, the situation elsewhere in the 5-station Pacifica network isn’t so bright. Days before the Pacifica National Board convened in New York City on February 22, news broke that sister station WBAI’s transmitting tower was about to be evicted from its roost on the Empire State Building, which allows the station to reach up to … Read more

Financial results: KPFA beating budget, Pacifica lagging

KPFA’s most recent fund drive turnaround seems to have had a big impact on the station’s bottom line. On February 23, Pacifica distributed first-quarter income statements for the network. Brian Edwards-Tiekert (now serving as KPFA’s staff rep on the Pacifica National Board) reported the statements “show KPFA outperforming its budget to the tune of $115,000 … Read more

New board members seated at Pacifica (finally)

After much delay, the Pacifica National Board (PNB) seated newly-elected reps from its stations at a February 22-25 meeting in New York. SaveKPFA-affiliated rep Margy Wilkinson was one of them. In her report-back, Wilkinson said highlights included a short video about the Pacifica Radio Archives and a full-length documentary about WBAI’s Bob Fass. She added … Read more

Lame-duck Pacifica board rushes to approve anti-dissent “loyalty” rules

Has there ever been a Pacifica board more out of touch with KPFA’s listeners? Three days ago,  the board’s lame-duck majority passed a McCarthy-like resolution to quash dissenters in the network. Hundreds of listeners and staff wrote to members of the Pacifica National Board (PNB) earlier this month when the anti-dissent “loyalty” measure first came … Read more

Local board elects SaveKPFA reps to nearly all leadership positions

While Pacifica’s old guard is desperately clinging to its power at the national level, KPFA’s local board is moving forward. The first new Local Station Board (LSB) in more than two years took office at its January 12 meeting. In December, SaveKPFA‘s candidates won a landslide in elections – a majority that was reflected in … Read more

Anti-dissent measure on Pacifica’s Jan 10 agenda

On less than four days’ notice, the lame-duck Pacifica National Board has scheduled a vote on a resolution designed to prevent people who dissent from the current majority from serving on local or national boards. After we alerted SaveKPFA supporters to this, hundreds wrote, calling the measure what it is: a political witchhunt. “I’m stunned that … Read more

KPFA election results: a landslide for SaveKPFA

The results in KPFA’s 2012 Local Station Board election are in and certified. SaveKPFA candidates took 6 of the 9 listener-elected seats, plus the top alternate position. KPFA’s elections use a proportional representation system, so taking two-thirds of the open seats means SaveKPFA won roughly two-thirds of the vote — a strong mandate from KPFA’s … Read more

Another legal victory for SaveKPFA

An appeals court has dismissed an attempt by one-time Local Station Board (LSB) partisan and erstwhile Pacifica attorney Richard Phelps to remove SaveKPFA representative Dan Siegel from the boards of both KPFA and Pacifica. After the court initially barred Pacifica from removing Siegel, Phelps convinced Pacifica’s board to let him pursue an appeal on Pacifica’s … Read more