Four reasons to give to KPFA’s Spring Fund Drive

KPFA’s Spring Fund Drive is about to start. We want to heartily encourage you to give, despite the turmoil. Here’s why:

  1. The more money KPFA raises, the less of an excuse Pacifica has to interfere with the station.
  2. Your donations are the only thing standing between KPFA’s union staff and further retaliatory layoffs.
  3. Change. Donating gets you the right to vote in KPFA board elections, bylaws amendments, and recalls of board members.
  4. Warts and all, KPFA is worth it.

USE YOUR PLEDGE TO SPEAK OUT IN SUPPORT OF KPFA’S WORKERS: If you are able to make a contribution of $200 or more, please tell the person who takes your call that you’d like your pledge used as a match, and you’d like it to be announced as a challenge “in support of KPFA’s workers.” You can add also add that message to pledges of any size that you make at KPFA’s online donations page.