Your participation is critical to saving KPFA

The coming days are crucial to the struggle to retain local control of KPFA — your efforts have never been more important. Here’s what you can do to help ensure the recall succeeds:

  • Look for your ballot and VOTE YES to RECALL ROSENBERG.
  • Help us MONITOR THE ELECTION to be sure Pacifica conducts it fairly and impartially by sending an e-mail to once you’ve mailed your ballot in.
  • CALL THREE FRIENDS who listen to KPFA. Ask them to watch for their ballots, and explain why the recall is so important. Talking points are here, or print out some flyers to distribute.
  • If you use Twitter, alert your followers that the ballots are out. Here’s a sample tweet: Recall ballots were mailed to #KPFA members today. Vote YES to recall Tracy Rosenberg & restore local control!
  • POST A STATUS UPDATE on Facebook, alerting KPFA members to watch for their ballots. Or just share this link:
  • ENDORSE the YES campaign. Just send us a note at or call us at 510-969-9373.
  • VOLUNTEER to help Get Out the Vote. Contact us for details.

VOTING YES on the recall, which is endorsed by a long list of KPFA listeners and workers, is the first step toward regaining a Pacifica National Board that is responsive to listeners and local autonomy for KPFA.

You’re supposed to get a ballot if you’re a KPFA listener-member — meaning you gave $25 or more in a one-year period. Pacifica’s election supervisor writes: “If any listener-member fails to receive a ballot, or if it is lost or damaged, please contact or (323) 375-4126 during standard business hours PST for a replacement.”