Recall ballots mailing 6/28, says Pacifica

At long last, ballots which should have mailed in December 2011 are finally being mailed in the grassroots, listener-prompted recall election on Pacifica treasurer Tracy Rosenberg. According to the election supervisor Pacifica hired, ballots were scheduled to mail 6/26 but he has pushed that back to 6/28. Ballots are due back August 3.

“The waste of scarce resources that has resulted from Rosenberg’s role on the KPFA and Pacifica boards is really tragic,” writes labor journalist Steve Early, one of many new endorsers in the VOTE YES on the KPFA recall campaign. He adds that Rosenberg has played a central role in gutting the station’s finances and its most popular programming, and in many of the attacks on KPFA’s union workers, such as supporting Pacifica’s hiring of infamous union-busters Jackson Lewis.

Support for a YES vote has been flooding in. Here are just a few of the most recent endorsers: Paul George, director, Peninsula Peace & Justice Center; Andrej Grubacic, anarchist historian, author of “Wobblies and Zapatistas”; Charlotte Sáenz, community artist and educator; Iain Boal, social historian of the commons; Eric Klein, former tech producer for Free Speech Radio News & Flashpoints; Andrea Turner, KPFA Local Station Board member, cultural and community activist; David Martinez, filmmaker; Summer Brenner, author of “Richmond Tales”; Barbara Epstein, Professor of History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz; Peter Olney, ILWU organizing director (titles and organizations for ID only) | SEE MORE ENDORSERS