KPFA’s Fund Drive desperately needs your help

Largely because of a drop-off in giving during the mornings, KPFA is likely to end its Spring Fund Drive over $150,000 short — which could be catastrophic.

KPFA’s staff have launched an EMERGENCY APPEAL for pledges “in support of KPFA’s workers.” It’s a way to publicly register your dissatisfaction with Pacifica’s actions, while ensuring the station stays afloat long enough for us to win the fight.

Pledges from labor and community activists have started rolling in, encouraged by this letter from former Morning Show programmer David Bacon. Let’s send a strong message to management: support KPFA’s workers and return our favorite programming NOW!

Donating at least $25/year gives you the right to vote in KPFA board elections, recalls and bylaws changes. (More news on that soon; meanwhile, see our four reasons to give to KPFA in this fund drive.) Please forward this link widely — encourage everyone in your address book to pledge to support KPFA’s workers.