We want your pledge: bring back the Morning Show

Pacifica executive director Arlene Engelhardt vowed on air on November 9th that there would no more layoffs of KPFA staff, after she dismissed the staff of the Morning Show and created an uproar from listeners. However, KPFA staff have learned that more layoffs may be imminent at the station.

How can you help? SaveKPFA is sponsoring a PLEDGE DRIVE TO RESTORE THE MORNING SHOW and preserve locally-controlled programming. We’ll total the amount and present it to Pacifica management to show both your unhappiness with their latest moves and your commitment to support KPFA if they change course. If Pacifica does the right thing, we’ll bundle your pledges and submit them to KPFA as part of a special fund. Unlike pledges made during fund drives of which Pacifica gets a portion, this pledge will go in its entirety to KPFA.

CLICK HERE to make an ONLINE pledge | CLICK HERE for the MAIL IN version (PDF)

Elected officials “deeply concerned” about Pacifica’s actions

More than a dozen elected officials, including the mayors of Berkeley and Albany, city council members, a state senator and others, have written to Pacifica management to express their “deep concerns about the way in which recent program changes were made at KPFA.”

The authors write: “Why would the station’s best fundraising program be cancelled in the name of cost cutting? Was the move motivated more by political than financial reasons? One of the show’s hosts is a prominent and outspoken member of a slate that opposes the political faction that currently holds a majority on the Pacifica National Board. We are also troubled by the way Pacifica has disregarded the authority of the local station board in budgetary matters.” You can read the entire letter here.

Don’t forget to support KPFA’s locally-planned events, such as this November 30 talk with Chris Hedges, or KPFA’s 40th Annual Crafts Fair on December 11-12. All money raised at KPFA events go solely to KPFA (none to Pacifica).

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