Van Jones to Pacifica: “take your hands off KPFA”

In a recent station fundraiser, long-time supporter Van Jones spoke about the role KPFA played in his early life and work, and sent a strong message to Pacifica about its meddling in KPFA’s affairs: “There’s a reason we’re so passionate about this station,” said Jones, “and there’s a reason the people in Pacifica need to listen to the voice of the people and take their hands off this station and let the voice of the people be heard. We can solve these problems here locally.”

If you missed his talk, here’s the next best thing: a 3 minute clip from the presentation. Jones is president and founder of Rebuild the Dream, an initiative to restore good jobs and economic opportunity. He’s also co-founder of three thriving nonprofit organizations (the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Color of Change, and Green For All). You can also get a CD of his talk as a premium with your donation to KPFA.