SIGN PETITION: We’re supporters of KPFA, and we want the Morning Show back!


Pacifica Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt has abruptly laid off the entire staff of KPFA’s Morning Show and started piping in programs from Los Angeles to replace them. The Morning Show was the Bay Area’s only locally-produced non-commercial morning news and information program.

Engelhardt says she’s making the cuts out of financial necessity . . . but can’t answer why she’s taking KPFA’s biggest fundraiser off the air. Now KPFA’s morning audience has dropped, listeners are canceling donations in droves, Pacifica management has had to call off two days of scheduled fundraising, and KPFA’s union has filed legal actions over the treatment of its workers.

Other jobs and local programs at KPFA are on the line if we don’t fix this fast. Tell Pacifica: I want my Morning Show back!