Recall ballots on their way, says Pacifica’s election supervisor

Ballots in the extremely long-awaited recall vote of Pacifica treasurer Tracy Rosenberg are due to mail sometime in the next week. That’s according to our last communication from election supervisor Matt Ward (though if they mail out later, it wouldn’t be the first time Pacifica blew a deadline. Under Pacifica’s own rules, these ballots should have been out by New Year’s Eve 2011!).

KPFA Local Station Board chair Margy Wilkinson described what she had been able to learn about the recall and elections planned for later this year at all five Pacifica stations, during a report to KPFA’s local board June 2. | LISTEN to Wilkinson (2 min audio)

We urge you to VOTE YES on the recall, which is endorsed by a long list of KPFA listeners and workers. In addition, please help SaveKPFA ensure that Pacifica conducts this vote fairly and impartially by contacting us when you receive your ballot and when you’ve voted. You’re supposed to get a ballot if you’re a KPFA member — meaning you gave $25 or more in a one-year period.