“Oops, sorry for the election fraud!” says Pacifica

Last week, Pacifica executive director Arlene Engelhardt sent out a mass email that apologized for Pacifica’s attempt to throw out the ballots of three staff members, which would have cost SaveKPFA supporter Lewis Sawyer his seat on KPFA’s local board. A judge’s injunction reversed Pacifica’s actions in December.

Pacifica had decided whose ballots to throw out only after the ballots had already been tallied. “It was a clear violation of state law for us to deprive members of their right to vote without notice, let alone due process,” wrote Engelhardt. “It is still more egregious to breach the secrecy of the ballot to do so.”

As part of a settlement, the KPFA staff members who took Pacifica to court traded away their right to pursue legal fees for a promise from Pacifica that it will guarantee the secrecy of the ballot in future elections.

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