New board members seated at Pacifica (finally)

After much delay, the Pacifica National Board (PNB) seated newly-elected reps from its stations at a February 22-25 meeting in New York. SaveKPFA-affiliated rep Margy Wilkinson was one of them.

In her report-back, Wilkinson said highlights included a short video about the Pacifica Radio Archives and a full-length documentary about WBAI’s Bob Fass. She added that most of the meeting was spent behind closed doors in “executive” sessions, at least one of which was “probably held in violation of the law governing public vs. executive sessions.”

“We received no written reports from Summer [Reese] in her role as either as PNB chair or iED of Pacifica,” wrote Wilkinson. “The finance report, which was a statement of Pacifica National Office expenses for the first quarter of FY 2013, had no budgetary info or comparisons to previous years, making it pretty hard to evaluate. It was never presented (except for being handed out) or discussed.”

In addition, there was no action on the McCarthyite, anti-dissent, “loyalty measure” that hundreds of SaveKPFA supporters have written about to the board. You can read Wilkinson’s complete report here, or listen to audio of the Feb. 22-25 PNB meeting at these links: Feb 22 | Feb 23 | Feb 24 | Feb 25 | agenda