Donate to KPFA now!

Given how Pacifica is treating KPFA’s voting members right now, this is going to sound a little weird, but it’s still true: you need to give money to KPFA. Here’s why:

  • First, Pacifica will use any shortfall in KPFA’s fund drives as a pretext for more layoffs.
  • Second, your pledge is your vote. If you want a chance to vote in this recall election, or to run in next fall’s Local Station Board elections, you have to be a paying member of KPFA. (It takes a minimum of $25 per person per year to join.)
  • Third, KPFA — warts and all — is well worth it. Where else are you going to hear the Great Recession dissected by a Marxist economist? The social justice implications of scientific breakthroughs described by an theoretical physicist? A live broadcast from inside an Occupy demonstration? The world needs KPFA, and that’s why we’re in this fight — but KPFA still needs money to carry on.

PLEDGE FOR KPFA ONLINE at, or pledge during your favorite show, and feel free to add a comment with your pledge.

If you would also like to support SaveKPFA‘s work to keep management accountable, please visit our online donations page.

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