Aimee Allison’s arbitration

After management removed the Morning Show and laid off co-hosts Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Aimee Allison, the union representing KPFA’s paid staff, the Communications Workers of America, filed grievances. Edwards-Tiekert was soon restored with back pay, though to a position in KPFA’s newsroom rather than to the Morning Show.

Allison, who had less seniority than Edwards-Tiekert, took her case to arbitration with the union’s help. The decision, issued this week, upheld Pacifica’s layoff. That doesn’t mean Aimee can’t be brought back. She still has the right, under KPFA’s union contract, to be reinstated as work becomes available. SaveKPFA supporters have pledged the money necessary to make such a reinstatement possible, but rather than work with us, Pacifica chose to spend over $70,000 on anti-union attorneys to fight Aimee’s return. That’s why efforts like the recall election are so important — they’re our best chance of changing Pacifica’s leadership.

“Casting out a young, talented programmer like Aimee — when other options are available, and when the listening community has come forward to help — is simply stupid management,” said Pamela Drake, a member of KPFA’s board.