URGENT: KPFA’s spring fund drive needs your immediate support!

KPFA-radio-dialProgrammers have been pouring their hearts into KPFA’s fund drive for over two weeks, so far raising over $436,000. The problem? That amount is quite short of the drive’s $750,000 goal.

“Let’s all step up to the plate and let KPFA’s staff know we value and support them,” said SaveKPFA‘s Margy Wilkinson, an elected member of the station’s local and national boards. “They have been working under very difficult circumstances for some time,” she said, “and if KPFA comes up short in its current fund drive, we fully expect some in Pacifica management to use the shortfall as a pretext to push for retaliatory cuts at KPFA.”

SaveKPFA encourages you to contribute what you can to KPFA by calling the phone room at 800-439-5732 or 510-848-5732, or by donating securely online at https://secure.kpfa.org/support. Phone room volunteers can describe the thank you gifts available, or you can peruse a list at the website.

Lend a hand, smooze with fellow listeners

Another way to support the station is come to KPFA’s phone room and help answer phones — every day of the fund drive starting at 6:30 am. Volunteers are really needed. There are usually tasty treats donated by bay area cafes and bakeries.

Remember, renewing or starting your KPFA membership gives you a vote and a voice in how Pacifica and KPFA are run. Another round of elections is coming up this fall for local and national representatives, and it is crucial that we elect smart, caring people to these posts. Giving at least $25 annually to KPFA makes you an eligible voter.

There have been some interesting developments at KPFA and in Pacifica, and we promise to cover them in our next SaveKPFA newsletter. For now, we have only one urgent message: please take a moment to give generously to KPFA!

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