Hundreds of listeners demand Reese vacate office, others call her actions “unethical”

“This action reaches new levels of absurdity,” writes KPFA listener Catherine Bell to terminated exec Summer Reese, on a petition that has gathered over 500 signatures — and counting — in less than 72 hours. Listener Sandra Douglas writes to Pacifica’s fired executive: “Please, Please, Please stop your willful intent of the destruction of Pacifica.” And another listener, Sarah Kulberg, says: “Please, for the sake of Free Speech Radio, honor the process, and remove yourself from the office.” | ADD YOUR NAME

justgoaway“What are you accomplishing by locking yourself in the Pacifica office? You need to leave peacefully NOW,” writes listener Jane Kelsberg. “The shredding van pulling up to Pacifica office looks rather suspicious indeed,” says Bruce Campell, another signatory.

Meanwhile, local board members and staff are circulating this letter, saying Reese’s actions have been “unethical” and “improper,” and calling on her to allow an open and honest discussion of her claims.

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