Not again! Why can’t Pacifica stop trying to censor its staff?

If you thought the drive to censor KPFA’s workers was past, think again. Pacifica has released new versions of its “employee handbook” for both paid and volunteer workers, according to, which threaten them with termination for posting criticism of the network on their personal social media pages or private websites, or even speaking to the press.

Free speech radio won’t be so free if the Pacifica board majority has its way: “It’s shamefully obvious,” one worker tells KPFAWorker, “that Pacifica’s board majority wants to remove its workers’ voices from the conversation about the network’s future,” continuing the pro-censorship agenda begun under former Pacifica director Arlene Engelhart. Even though the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that employees have the right to post criticism of their employers, Pacifica is “so out-of-touch that it is attempting to institute a policy that is illegal on its face,” says one of the blog’s sources.

Under pressure, Pacifica agreed to allow comments on the draft paid and unpaid handbooks until May 28. As a member of Pacifica’s community, you can send your response to:; please cc