Letter to Summer Reese – comments

graphic reeseThese are comments petition signers have made to Summer Reese (see text of petition and signers here). You can submit your own comments by going to the petition page.

Clara Aguilera Santiso, Listener
I’m reading about this fiasco and Reese your behavior to occupy offices are very unprofessional and disruptive to the establishment of free undisrupted information of news to all listeners and supporters and threatening it’s network of news reporting.

Dale Axelrod, Listener
I see the problem, Summer — you need to look up “interim” in the dictionary.

Mary Ayers, Listener
I don’t approve of Summer Reese

Kathleen Brannigan, Listener
You were not successful in destroying the network, thank goodness.

Yvonne Campbell, Listener
40 year anniversary of KPFA member; please stop undermining Pacifica.

Michal Clark, Former Community Advisory Board Interim Chair – KPFK; listener: KPFK & KPFA
Summer is a smart woman. My hope is that she will be smart enough to choose the path of peaceful conciliation rather than costly, unproductive legal battles. Summer: please don’t dig in your heels, and in the process destroy what you say you love.

Marian Cruz, Listener
I depend on KPFA for real news and want the station run by the majority.

Arnie Egel, Listener
please stop destroying kpfa etc

Juan Pedro Gaffney Rivera, Listener
Dear Summer, if you love what you propose to love, you’ll let go of the vendetta to destroy it.

Michael Gilillan, Listener
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Marilyn Golden, Listener
This disruption is truly unnecessary, and serves no one.

Eliot Kenin, Listener
We need Pacifica as a left voice for all the fractured, fractious left, not another NPR style network, nor constant faction fight.

Russell Kilday-Hicks, Long-time listener/supporter; public-sector labor advocate
Summer — I don’t know you but it seems that your actions speak volumes about who you are. Obviously you do not believe in the real mission of Pacifica. Shame on you. Please come to your senses and move on. Thanks.

T. Leon, Listener
GET OUT! Ms. Reese- as a Washingtonian, I must characterize your behavior as juvenile and self serving. BTW- Pacifica shouldn’t be paying anyone a six figure salary given its anemic financial situation.

Gregg Loew, Listener
Never a dull moment at KPFA!

Dwain E. Lowther, CPA, Listener
The kindergarten tactics need to stop. In other words, Reese lost. It’s time to step aside and let the grownups take the controls.

Linda Lustig, Listener
I am a long time listener and supporter and very disturbed by your actions that are a disservice to KPFA listeners and staff.

Alison Massa, Listener
I have been a KPFA listener since the 1970s. An unfettered progressive Pacifica is needed now more than ever. Ms. Reese and your supporters, it’s time to recognize that Pacifica’s loyal listeners want you to leave.

Shirley Matulich, Listener
listener, kpfk subscriber

Leah Mazel, Listener
I sure hope Pacifica can pull out of this. I am a total KPFA Junky!

Blair Moser, Listener
WHY are they trying to destroy this precious network?

Katherine Myskowski, Listener
Reese must Go!

Jennie Orvino, Listener
I stand with Maldari, Alfanderry, Edward Tiekert, etc.

Gail Pacífica, Listener
Give it up, woman

Cecile Pineda, writer
let us do what KPFA does best: eep listeners informed.

Lawrence Reyes, Listener

John Riley, WBAI Staff Representative & co-host of Out-FM
a progressive LGBT show in NYC
Pacifica’s CPB funding has been delayed under her administration for 1.5 years, in large part because of the maladministration of Summer Reese’s faction. It’s time for better management. Reese’s actions appear irratic & self serving.

Lisa Rothman, Former Executive Producer of the Morning Show
Way back when the news directors were arrested out of their own offices and we had to buy toilet paper for the bathroom out of special fund, I didn’t think the situation could get any crazier. Never say never.

Mary Skinner, retired academic
Keep up the good work. Don’t let the wreackers destroy our station.

Donna Smithey, Listener
Can’t the police remove her??

Peter Stokes, listener, IT Professional
First it was Aileen Englehart and her band of professional disruptors trying to take down Pacifica. Not its Resse with stage 2 of the assault. Time for being polite is over. They have used wirecutters – time to respond in kind maybe?

Pete Tucker, WPFW Local Station Board member
It’s not surprising that Summer Reese is refusing to leave, once again putting her own interests ahead of the network’s. Pacifica deserves better. It’s time for Summer to go.

Bruce Wilson, Listener
Democracy is coming to Pacifica. Please cease your fascist tactics deter democracy.

Charlene M. Woodcock, Listener, supporter. Retired UC Press editor, choral singer, reader.
We need a national board that supports the network with intelligence and integrity; serving-serving destructive acts must stop

Patrick Wright, Listener
As a long time listener I’m starting to get “crisis fatigue” with Pacifica. Will my donations go to anything but creating or defending lawsuits?

Rudy Zeller, Listener
please respect the due process of the democratic process!

Robert Aldred , Listener
I think it is about time to take back the offices. We had a station here that was similarly attacked and it was closed. I can’t help but feel there is a hidden motive behind all of what Reese and company has done.

Paul Allen, Listener/Supporter
The Board voted, your turn is over Ms. Reese. Let the new board fix the problems at Pacifica that you not able to.

Raymond Barglow, Listener
The station’s programming should remain in the progressive mainstream and not push vitamins (Null) as a panacea!

Nicole D. Bilotti, Listener
This is how ill mannered children behave.

Lorie Brillinger, CNM, Listener
Have appreciated having a station I can relate to, politically and socially speaking! We the people must be able to have an influence on who is in charge!

Chris Candell, Listener and former supporter
I would really like to support KPFA again but you have become so dysfunctional. Get those guys out of your building! They are tresspassing. Like a cancer the longer you allow them there the worse it is. So, to Summer Reese, just leave, help heal.

Jim Conroy, Listener
You are only thinking about yourself. There is a much greater good involved. Please stop the damage you are causing the network and to all of us who love it.

Jack Curran, Listener
Let it go. Your actions today clearly validate the criticism of your behavior in the past.

James Curran, Listener
Yes, end this disruption now.

Erin Farber, Listener
This is ridiculous! I have listened since mid-’70’s, & this is the worst ever been run. Why should I donate?

A. Fariab, Listener
Just leave and stop the damage, Reese

John Farrell, Listener
If Ms Reese cares about KPFA she will end this standoff.

Rod Guyer, Sustaining member. College Professor
Isn’t she trespassing? Can’t she be legally removed from the building?

Maribeth Halloran, Listener, attorney
Please leave. Can’t imagine how you can defend squatting at KPFA after you have been ordered out.

Elias Hruska, Listener
I am pained, troubled and baffled that one person like Summer Reese could pull a coup against the entire KPFA board. There is something very wrong with this picture. Why hasn’t she been arrested for trespassing, breaking and entering?

E. Jones, Listener-supporter
The education KPFA offers is critica; in battling the corporate stealing of America.

Ellen Kirshbaum, Listener
Support WBAI!

Susan Levinkind, Listener
Reeese- please resign in peace

Patsy Lowe, Listener
Summer, what is your problem? Please leave.

Catherine Lowrey, Listener
This is embarrassing to the say the very least.

John Muskopf, Listener
make KPFA into the greatness it was.

Linda Newton, Listener
I am astounded by the misquided leaders like Reese who think that Pacifica is theirs to destroy.

Robert Nordlund, Listener/member
Why not try acting like an adult?

Kim Norts, Listener
Your behavior is juvenile, bordering on crazy. Stop your ridiculous, childish antics and let KPFA get back to the important work that it does. The reality is that you have only made yourself look bad.

Alison Paskal, Listener
Please step aside Summer Reese! Your tactics undercut the work of KPFA! Time to let it go.

Sandra Portillo-Robins, Listener and Educator
Grow up and deal with the situation as an adult. Your tantrums are helping no one.

Stanley Poss, Listener
Get her out

Phillip Rojas, Listener
Move on Ms. Reese. Your time came and went.

Louis Segal, Listener
You, Ms. Reese, do not embrace the spirit of my KPFA and I wish you would gather your stuff and leave the station while your dignity and legacy are salvageable.

Mary Sepulveda, Listener
ditto to the comment above!!!!!!!!

Eugene Spake, Listener
These people are set on destroying the station. Call the police and have them removed. No more playing nice while others viciously attack.

Rebecca Spindler, Listener/Donor
I can appreciate the strategy of using patience in dealing with Reese, but at some point her mental instability and irrational behavior must be considered before she damages KPFA and Pacifica beyond repair.

Richard Stone, Listener via KFCF (and former Bay Area resident)
KPFA has been a broadcasting treasure, Pacifica its caretaker. Do not destroy this bastion of radio sanity by selfish action.

Diane Straus, Listener
You are embarrassing yourself and discrediting any statements you make.

A. Mandinach, Listener
Stop trespassing. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

C. Badran, Listener
Please do the mature and responsible thing by gracefully stepping aside so that others may get on with the important work of running Pacifica Radio.

S Bradford, Listener
You are a detriment to KPFA please go now!

L. Darlene Pratt, Listener
Please leave. Odd that you object to being terminated when you deep-sixed Eileen Englehardt last year and took over her job. Hypocrisy is alive and well, unfortunately.

B. F. Barbour, Listener
Another outrageous behavior from Pacifica to attempt to destroy a valuable community/national resource. Please leave now with some remnant of grace and work it out in the courtroom-as in a democracy.

A. Lee Walkup, Listener
The Pacifica National Board has spoken; you must move on.

Ed Treuting, Listener
You’re done. Just GO!

Ed Wyre (Doyle E. Wyre), Listener
The pity of it all

Z. Z. Ziled, Listener
“….the PNB finally did look into the fact that Summer Reese does not have a Social Security number or pay taxes.”But it’s not just wealthy people who want to cheat on their taxes. A poll by the Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board found that 12 pe

Ms. Matilda Haywood, Listener
Please abide by the Board’s decision and vacate the office, Summer Reese. It’s bad enough for KPFK-FM to be attacked by Tea Partiers and The Right-Wing Republicans, but to be attacked from internecine warmaking is ludicrous and self-deprevating. Remember that KPFK-FM is pretty much our last vestige of “common sense and unfettered journalism.” Summer, if you believe in the power of the people, you will go quietly. By the way, I’ve written a song of the same name. I will take a copy to the offices here in LA so it can be played.

Kea Martin, Listener
I’m wondering about the person who brought her in. They should be gone, too.

Dwain Lowther, CPA, Listener
If someone tells you they don’t have an SSN, it probably means there is a very bad credit history – and perhaps worse. Confront her about it.

Claire B Feder, Listener
Summer. Please leave

Fran Merriman, Listener
Please allow the healing of KPFA.

Jean Royall, Listener
You seem like such a reasonable person. What is the point of this disruption?

Joan Fiser, Listener
Please respect the Pacific National Board’s decision.

Juan P. Hernandez, Listener
Please go away, Pacifica is not the right place for you and you are not right for Pacifica, go back where you belong to…

Frances Goff, Long-time KPFK listerner/supporter
You need to figure out that it’s not all about you. Go somewhere by yourself ( where you can’t grandstand to an audience) and figure out what to do that’s POSITIVE in your life without damaging so many others.

Standard Schaefer, Listener
Free Pacifica! Bring back the sanity.

Joanna Graham, Listener
If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, the correct recourse is to sue. Your bizarre reaction to the firing confirms to me that you should never have been director; the episode of the shredding truck makes me wonder whether you fear criminal prosecution for any of your actions while employed by Pacifica.

Joanne Nagy, Listener
I need KPFK and am most upset that one person is attempting to knock it off its valuable work.

Charles Graziani, Listener
Time to move on Ms Reese

Charlie Wambeke, Listener
In this time of flux it is difficult to know where to contribute. Whenever I hear music on KPFA, it reminds me of a decade ago when KPFA was nearly sold.

Beatrice Tocher, Listener
Please know to leave with dignity.

Omau Bey, Listener
Send the cops to arrest Summer Reese and her hostile mother. They should all be jailed and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

Claudia Friske, Listener
100% behind you

Dwayne Eutsey, Listener
Stop the petty personal drama.

Debbie Speer, Listener
Settle it in court, not by making a spectacle of yourself and harming the foundation further, please, Summer.

Rebecca Olsen, Listener
Stop being so selfish, go away and let KPFA go on with its work. We don’t want you.

Robert Aldred , Listener
She should be forced to leave now. I have seen this sort of thing before now and I am concerned about the shredding of documents. Who knows what sort of damage is being done here. It must stop now.

Robert Bagheri, Listener
Please leave gracefully.

Robert Crawford, Listener
please stop f**king with our kpfk

Robert E. Godes, Listener
Summer, the time has come for you to leave1

Robert Haupenthal, Listener
Summer, please get a life. People get voted out, let go, fired every day. You may be a nice person, but the majority of “us” want you gone. Thanks for thinking of the rest of us.

Robert Jacobson, Listener
Let rationality prevail.

Robert Lamkie, Listener
GET OUT! You are ruining what I have cherished for 50 years. You are worse then the enemy. You have taken over our property. GET OUT!

Robert Satz, Listener
The gig is up.

Robin Clauson, Listener
Face it, you are toast. Just leave now!

Gabriel Koren, Listener
Please respect the decision by the majority of elected Pacifica National Board

Arch MacPhail, Listener
I’m sad to learn of such disruption! Once again Pacifica Radio needs PEACE!

Michael Gardner, Listener
I have supported Pacifica since the early 1960s. As someone who has been active in the Movement for the majority of my life, I ask that you stop your ridiculous actions, and leave.

Michael Stadler, Listener
I have personally donated too much time and energy over the years (KPFA’s first network, WireReady newsroom setup, Pacifica Key Benchmarks, etc.) to watch as an individual places her needs above the common good. You can’t win. Everyone CAN, however, lose. Please desist.

Richard Lewis, Listener
Members want you to leave now.

Jack Radey, Listener
Just go. Now.

Jackie Brookman, Listener

Becky Jenkins, Listener
It sounds like a looney bin over there in Berkeley!! This kind of behavior confirms every stereotype of progressives in your town. Please stop it.

Jacquelyn Griffith, Listener
Let go. Let the majority rule.

Judith Ackerman, Listener
You have destroyed wbai. How much more you wanna do? re you wanna do?

Judith Wessler , Listener
You are demonstrating Shein a way that is totally contrary to what Pacifica is all about. This is further confirmation of her complete lack of competence and obviously integrity as well.

Sydney Vilen, Listener
As human beings, we MUST stop this irrational and unnecessary wrangling. Go home Reese. You’ve been voted out.

Andrew Davus, Listener
Pacifica good riddance! enough already of this insanity.

Judy Alter, Listener
Please leave the building and go home. Summer.

Judy Baker, Listener
The writing is on the wall. It is time to contribute towards making it a smooth transition.

Judy Nakadegawa, Listener
Pacifica is for peace, justice, & information.

Lee Block, Listener
Pretty selfish of you to bring down the whole network because you feel dissed. You’re as bad as a Koch Brother.

Lee Goodman, Listener
Go now, before you completely wreck our network!

Joe Midler, Listener
Don’t further damage Pacifica; get help.

Fred Glienna, Listener
As a long-time supporter of Pacifica and its mission, I submit it’s time for Ms Reese to depart.

Fred Hosea, Listener
These endless, ridiculous and toxic dramas have to end so Pacifica can focus on the real problems of the times. Stop this narcissistic posing and go get a job where you are valued for whatever talents you have.

Greg Kelly, Listener
how can we miss you if you won’t go away

Greg Miller, Listener
KPFA 94.1 FM

Sheila Goldmacher, Listener

Sheila Suarez, Listener
KPFK Listener
– Reese, stop putting yourself above the needs of the station and its Listeners – your actions are narcissistic and show us all why you must leave.

Imelda C Aguilera, Listener

Gwendolyn Debrow, Listener
Take a hike. Your services are not needed anymore.

Stephanie Christopher, Listener
As a long time supporter of Pacifica’s programming library and as a Listener of KPFK & KPFA for approx 25 years combined, I know as well as any other Listener of these stations that it is imperative that they stay on the air. No other radio venue offers the programming of Pacifica affiliate stations. It is clear that Reese needs to show respect for the Listeners of KPFA and other Pacifica stations, by accepting the decisions of the station and/or Pacifica. Reese’s drive to attract negative attention is unprofessional. If she has any respect for the supporters and Listeners of KPFA and its affiliates she will move on with dignity, ASAP.

Sherna Berger Gluck, Listener
Former LSB (unpaid) staff member

Sherry Gendelman, Former member, KPFA local station board; former member, Pacifica national board
This is shameful and alarming behavior by someone who claims to be executive material. A breach of the trust of Listeners as a trustee of the airwaves.

Sherry Steele, Listener
Summer needs to be removed by law enforcement and arrested. I voted for the new leadership and allowing her to do this without a swift and decisive action is not the type of leadership I voted for. Please take command and get to work on the many issues that existed before Summer barricaded herself. Put a stop to this show.

Steven C Mitchell, Listener

Steven Hobbs, Listener
Your pain will begin to ease by accepting your loss.

Hahn Kim, Listener
I’m going to contact the IRS offices in your area about you not having a SSN. You’ll be in jail soon, so why not end this charade? Leave with a teeny bit a dignity. Impossible, I know, but you are acting like such a buffoon!

John Gilbert, Listener

John Goelz, Listener
I can no longer give money (and I have given a fair amount) to a station that throws it away on con men and women. Clean house.

John Hess, Listener
Just Leave!!

John Iversen, Listener
STOP the occupation by management. I’ve never heard of Mgmt using such tactics–Summer, just give it up and leave. You are so incompetent honey!

John Lee, Listener
Is there any benefit in staying? Seems you have fallen far with no grip. Have you a point? Are you in Denial?

John Van Eyck, Former member, KPFA local station board
You are some piece of work, Summer.

Ari Krawitz, Listener
Please leave, we don’t want you there. Thanks for doing your best. Sorry you got pulled into some craziness — blame Tracy. She violated the democratic process & got you stuck in the middle of it. Oh yeah — your contract is not valid, you can get booted anytime. BYE

Eli Mejia, Listener

Arianna Siegel, Listener
This is an outrage!

Iciar Rivera, Listener
Toxic for Pacifica and completely goes against Pacifica’s mission statement

Shiela Cockshott, Listener
Please follow the rules and leave

Brigid O’Dowd, Listener
Please stop endangering this priceless public radio station, and leave peacefully!

Gail Brown, Listener
disastrous – and why would y’all pay someone $105k anyway?

Philip Ratcliff, Listener
I don’t know why they just don’t evict your sorry butt. This is absurd.

Phillip Black, Listener
Please leave.

Phillip Shelton, Listener
Time to go.

Alison Davis, Listener
Leave! You are not wanted! You are wrecking the network!

Elizabeth Ebrahimzadeh , Listener
It is time for you to move on.

Elizabeth Leone, Listener
Here we go again! Please leave Ms. Reese. You will end up in jail very soon, if you do not comply with the law. Maybe that’s what you want?

Elizabeth Ross, Listener
This behavior is absolutely ridiculous

Mike Balletta, Listener
Go away. An ED who can’t get along with the board is the worse thing for Pacifica at this time.

Mike Clark, Listener
Please, SUMMER, please. I have always been impressed by your dedication to Pacifica when seeing you at KPFK Local Station Board meetings. I hope you will engage with Pacifica’s Interim General Manager and cease the blockade. It does you no good, it does Pacifica no good. Please engage of constructive, meaningful dialogue so Pacifica can get back to its important work.

Mike Leighty, Listener
Being the change I seek. Summer, you are not good for Pacifica so do the right thing and just go.

Sukey Robb-Wilder, Listener
Go now and go gracefully. Pacifica doesn’t need this row.

Lila Garrett, Listener
Summer, just leave says it all. Lila Garrett

Myla Reson, Listener
Summer, I voted for you to be a Listener representative on the KPFK board – Now I’m asking you to respect the decision of the majority of the Pacifica National Board and leave Pacifica offices peacefully. It’s time for you to go.

Allan Davidson, Listener
just move on

Caleb Cartographer Robertson, Listener
Come on now, lets get back to what we love about Pacifica. this is madness. this is coming from a 21 year old, a guy raised in these hyper-evolving times; even this seems crazy.

Allen Kanner, Listener
Democracy Now!

Ellen Goldberg, Listener
Stop messing with our precious station!

Ellen Zweben, Listener
Summer Reese, respect the majority, stop undermining Pacifica

Valerie Lasciak, Listener
Pacifica is very important to me and the nation

Celia Reyes, Listener
Reese should have left a long time ago. it is past time to get authorities to get her evicted. this agony and injustice has to end. we who love and support KPFA need to get legal relief. It is time for closure on this long and disgusting episode in the station’s history.

Lelia Bogard, Listener
Please put Pacifica before yourself and leave now.

Julie Du Bois, Listener
I treasure KPFK. Anyone who oversees Pacifica needs to have at least the passion and affection for it as I. The reality is that we must preserve it. We need separation of Church and KPFK.

Bill Appledorf, Listener
I don’t understand why a former executive of Pacifica would try so hard to cripple it.

Jillian Morrissey, Listener
This is a great radio station..long may they live

Wellington Echegaray, Listener
Respect the the decision by the majority

William Heerwagen, Listener
Agreement from this WBAI LSB Listener

William J. McLaughlin, Listener
get out

William Ray Yeager, Listener
This has become ridiculous.

Lalo Alcaraz, Listener
Time to move on and OUT!

Calvin Jenkins, Listener
Why act this way, when you know what Pacifica stands for?

Jim Lafferty, Listener
Summer: If you really believe your termination was unlawful, exercise your right to go to court. Don’t sabotage Pacifica as your present extra-legal action is doing.

Jim Yarbrough, Listener
I’m a Listener
-sponsor of KPFK, Los Angeles

James M. Villalobos, Listener
What are you people thinking

Damian Cano, Listener
Try to be gracious in defeat. Please leave.

Ann Doneen, Listener
Restore KPFK’s legendary presence in L.A!

Ron DiSalvo, Listener
Grow up!

Ron Edwards, Listener
You are embarassing yourself and all those around you. Do the right thing and move on.

Ian Masters, KPFK programmer
She’s a criminal and so are her supporters

Jon Morris, Listener
Please leave now and STOP torturing the KPFA family

Ken MacKay, Listener
what is it about community that you don’t understand?

Nina Feldman, Listener
I have been a KPFA subscriber since the 1970s and my parents have been since the ’50s.

Tina Bachemin, KPFA programmer; member, KPFA local station board
Get a life honey.

Donald W. Bierey, Listener
I assume that the City of Berkeley has a law against illegal trespass. Be aware that the City could exercise that law to have you forcibly removed from the premisses if asked by the Pacifica Board to do so.

Ronald Johnson, Listener
Oppoents of Pacifica: We Will be heard! Please help to facilitate this exchange of ideas as a respectful agreement. Please.

Sonali Rodrigues, Listener
Summer Reese: respect the majority, stop undermining Pacific

Nancy Cadigan, Listener
Please leave the KPFA offices.

Linda Brunner, Listener
What a pathetic display. Leave.

Sanda Aronson, Listener
I’m a longtime WBAI Listener
and an artist/activist.

Sandra A. Smith, Listener
Always hard to tell who the good guys are in a KPFA bloodletting, but I’ll go with Ying Lee and Larry Bensky. And please give the voluntary presenters axed in the last struggle have their timeslots back.

Sandra Douglas, Listener
Please, Please, Please stop your willful intent of the destruction of Pacifica

Sandra Portillo-Robins, Listener
Just do the right thing – leave and get on with your life.

Sandy Miranda, Listener
Let’s restore competent management to KPFA.

Sandy Sonnenfelt, Listener
If you really care about Pacifica, as you claim, you would bow out with grace and dignity.

Gene Herman, Listener
Am long time $upporter of KPFA…u have already shat…now get off the damn pot.

Gene Hiegel, Listener
Time for her to go. She is not wanted at Pacifica.

Jane Armbruster, Listener
I’m also receiving the Reese faction’s press releases; they make me wonder why Reese has left so many problems unaddressed in her tenure as interim ED or ED.

Jane Kelsberg, Listener
What are you accomplishing by locking yourself in the Pacifica office? You need to leave peacefully NOW.

Ying Lee, Listener
Summer Reese: Please leave. You are harming us as much as some Republicans.

Lani Ka’Ahumanu, Listener
End the blockade.

Peni Hall, Listener
i care about kpfa. prove that you do too

Arnie Egel, Listener
bad image for you !!

Arnie Felkin, Listener
Reese is an embarrassment to Pacifica.

Daniel Goodwin, Listener
Ms. Reese: This childish stunt is not helping you, and it’s impeding important work.

Benjamin Balthaser, Listener
I am a regular Listener to and supporter of KPFA. I am embarrassed by the actions of Reese and hope the station returns to its mission of providing critical and informative programming.

Hank Folson, Listener
What do Summer’s supporters think about her actions?

Hannah Kranzberg, Listener
sounds like planned sabotage to me – what are they trying to hide? or is it simply to create insurmountable problems for the Foundation and network as she goes out the door? hmn -wonder in whose pay she is?

Lynne Hollander Savio, Listener
Unbelievable behavior, which just confirms the wisdom of the Board’s decision.

Arnold Martelli, Listener
What are you hiding, Ms. Reese?

Lionel Heredia, Listener
I don’t know all details but shredding of documents is a no no as is breaking into an office and hiding out. This is not responsible behavior by anyone. If I am wrong, I stand corrected.

Scott Kaye, Listener
Having a contract does not prevent you from being fired. In fact, it happens all the time. Are you after a settlement? If so, be up front about it. Not that you’re entitled to one, just be open about what you want, because you have been fired.

Kip Husty, Listener

Sarah Kulberg, Listener
Please for the sake of Free Speech Radio, honor the process, and remove yourself from the office..

Miranda Brocki, Listener
We have a responsibility to each other. Show yours by leaving now.

Saraswathi Devi, Listener
This destructive behavior serves no purpose. Kindly respect the decision by the majority of the Pacifica National Board.

Barbara Dane, Listener
If you care at all about the Listeners, sponsors, volunteers please show some respect for the decisions of the PNB. The Pacifica stations, with all their ups and downs, remain vital to the pursuit of democracy, peace, civil rights and just plain imagination.

Barbara Rozen, Listener
You have lost credibility. Just go.

Marc Larby, Listener
This is trespassing, not to mention quite suspicious of a coverup of misdeeds.

Karen Hall, Listener
Pacifica is needed now, desperately, and needs to be run by someone with the best interests of its supporters.

Teresa Paris, Listener
We need to return to sanity and a positive agenda.

Maret Shura, Listener
May you come to your sense and show a modicum of grace here…there’s another place for you somewhere other than Pacifica

Maria Ramirez, Listener
Leave now. A KPFK Listener.

Marian Cruz, Listener
KPFA must remain on the air. Act appropriately and do what is the best interest of the station!

April Cunningham, Listener
Your actions are unconscionable!

Chris Eduard, Listener
She does not represent the interests of the mission of KPFK or its community of Listeners and supports.

Christie Keith, Listener
This is ridiculous, Ms. Reese! I’ve already moved away from Pacifica as a donor and Listener due to your bad programming decisions. It’s easier to find good progressive news online. Am hoping that KPFA will get better again once you leave. Please go!

Christopher Cronin, Listener
Ms. Reese, Your actions appear to be that of someone who has something to hide.

Larison Lockhart, Listener
I love this station

Dirk van Nouhuys, Listener
Butt off.

Mark Phelan, Listener
the whole 21st century could use a restart

Mark Shafarman, Listener
As a long-time member of Pacifica, and also of basic democracy, I urge you to respect the legality of the board’s decision, and to leave peacefully.

Mark Spindler, Listener
Your reign of destruction & incompetence in managing the Pacifica network has ended. You & Ms. Rosenberg deserve each other. Find something else to mismanage and go for it. Leave, please just leave.

Mark Takaro, Listener
Please accept the Board’s decision and step down now!

Carlos Echevarria, Listener
Just do what poor Pacifica sez, baby: BE GONE! And all will be good…that’s a promise.

Errol Simon, Listener
Leave now! You have been fired, and for good reason. Leave the people’s radio station to do it’s work.

Dorothy Reik, Listener
Summer – just leave!

Barrie Ann Mason, Listener
Please respect that the board has fired you!

Perrine Kelly, KPFA outreach committee
I find that requesting a shredding company during these difficult times at Pacifica completely inappropriate. Isn’t Ms. Reese a paralegal? This is extremely poor judgement.

Jerry Long, Listener
If you have a case, make it in the appropriate way. Meantime, go home.

Larry Maas, Listener
Please vacate the premises now and let KPFA function as it should.

Bert Morris, Listener
Please respect the decision of the Board & leave for the greater good of Pacifica.

Gary Matteson, Listener

Mary Skinner, Listener
Not again!!!

Lisa Edmondson, Listener
I’ve been a supporter since early eighties. How has Pacifica come to this???

Susan McAllister, Listener
This woman has been fired for misconduct and yet she continues her irrational efforts to destroy Pacifica and KPFA. Start legal proceedings for trespassing and have her arrested.

Susan Von Manske, Listener
Ms. Reese. Please leave as you are not wanted! Bernard Duncan is a great G.M. and his departure was a great loss to KPFK. Why is your fragile ego more important than these great radio stations? Get out!

Susan Weiss, Listener
Outrageous! Be an adult and leave with as much grace as you can still muster.

Sasha Futran, Former member, KPFA local station board, Former KPFA LSB Member
You know well that you have put Pacifica and all its stations in extreme peril with your actions. Leave now and cease the media circus. You’ve been terminated.

Lesley Schultz , Listener
Must go or you will be arrested for trespassing loitering and unlawful seizure of public property.

Kit Vaq, Listener
Reese should have shown more dignity and left her position instead of acting like a child in a tantrum, promoting dysfunction. A child should not be in charge of this important media outlet. No wonder she was fired by the board. She should stop her antics and apologize. No nonprofit would ever tolerate this type of behavior. She should be charged with trespassing and sued too for wasting our money and time.

Dutch Merrick, Listener
Reese’s behavior is unbelievable and detrimental to the long term health of Pacifica

Kate Gowen, Member, KPFA local station board
Your 15 minutes of notoriety and malicious mischief is up, Ms. Reese– time to go.

Peter Byrne, Listener
Outrageous anti-democractic behavior. Reese must go now!

Peter Gordon, Esq., Listener
Ridiculous behaviour.

Peter Herreshoff, Listener
kpfa Listener and supporter

Peter Ingram Hill, Listener
I would call the police–and I don’t do that easily!

Peter Ralph, Listener

Peter Stokes, Listener
It sounds like time to remove her by force if she won’t listen to reason and is doing damage.

Beth Wachenheim, Listener
I used to respect S. Reese. Now I’m afraid she’s lost it. I can’t respect Pacifica until she’s gone.

Catherine Bell, Listener
This action reaches new levels of absurdity!

Moto Pat, Listener

Antonia Lira, Listener
Pacifica is about respect and democracy. Go in peace

Antonie Churg, Listener
This looks like the destruction of Pacifica engineered to look like crazy people took over.

Patsy Lowe, Listener
Get out of Dodge.

Katya Atkins, Listener
please go!

Stuart Steinhardt, Listener

Bruce Campbell, Listener
I don’t like to get into the tussles at Pacifica, but as one commented, the response of Reese to the firing indicates that she is unstable and the shredding van pulling up to Pacifica office looks rather suspicious indeed.

Bruce Piscitello, Listener
f Summer and the horse she rode in on.

Chuck Anderson, KPFK LSB MemberSummer Reese after being fired, shreaded her past mistakes. She was elected by cronies and mishandled her Powers to terminate Many people of color & many others.

Doug Gary, Listener
Time to move on so KPFA can move on!!

Doug Woods, Listener
I can’t believe we are giving away so much of our power in this by making a petition to ask someone who has been fired to leave. Throw her out. Why does she have access to the building?

Paul Krehbiel, Listener
The majority on the Board have spoken. As advocates of democracy, respect the will of the majority and vacate the premises. KPFA and our entire Pacifica family can not afford the turmoil that you are causing. Please step aside now.

Paul McDowell, Listener
Isn’t there a legal way to get her out, like call the cops or organizing a posse?

Laura Joseph, Listener
This is unacceptable. Sumner should get away from Pacifica right away. The network is too important to the future of this country to be subject of this kind of nonsense.. It’s truly sick

Maureen Roddy, Listener
please help KPFA by resolving this matter in a way that does not draw negative publicity to the station.

Dave Hart, Listener
Show us you care about Pacifica by ending the media circus and focus on the facts which can be proved in a legal framework.

David Pearson, Listener
Ms Reese needs to vacate the Pacifica offices immediately, or she should be charged with trespassing and removed by force.

David Studhalter, Listener
Come on, now. Act like a responsible human being.

David Wyler, Listener
LEAVE!!! Or go to jail!

Howard Gelman, Listener
“To everything, turn turn turn…”

Howard P. Charman, MD, Listener

Dawn Blanken, Listener
The shredding truck makes someone look prima facie prima donna

Kay Trimberger, Listener
Summer, Get out. Respect democratic process.

Clyde Leland, Listener
I cannot imagine what you think you’re accomplishing.

Phyllis Willett, Listener
Summer: Your behavior is truly reprehensible and flies in the face of democracy. Clearly you disagree with the decision of the Pacifica Board and it is your right to do so. But your refusal to vacate the property is unconscionable. Myself? I will soon call for the Board to involve the Berkeley Police in removing you from the premises.

Raymond Barglow, Listener
KPFA needs truthful programs, not propaganda

Suzi Goldmacher, Former member, KPFA local station board
I urge you to follow the rules and laws of Pacifica and leave.

Richard Engle, Listener
Please preserve Pacifica for future generations.

Lynne Streeter, Listener
Just leave!