KPFA’s winter fund drive on track to finish early — help now!

Music programmer David Gans and Luis Medina, KPFA's music director.
Music programmer David Gans and Luis Medina, KPFA’s music director.

The station’s winter fund drive is chugging along at a faster clip than expected, putting it on track to end in just two and a half weeks — nearly a week shorter than KPFA’s major drives last year. Big kudos to all of KPFA’s staff and listeners, particularly SaveKPFA‘s David Gans and Tim Lynch, whose annual Grateful Dead Marathon raised about $20,000 more than KPFA does on an average Saturday.

Success can bring problems, however: the increased number of calls coming in has at times overwhelmed the volunteers staffing KPFA’s phone room. Staff are reporting regular shortages during the early morning fundraising appeals for Democracy Now! and UpFront.

Three ways you can help out

1) Come volunteer at KPFA any time after 6:30 AM — the address is 1929 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Berkeley.

2) Give some money online! Making a pledge through doesn’t tie up a phone line, and it lets you shop around all the thank you gifts KPFA is offering.

3) Check out the fantastic KPFA events and attend one or more! Email them to your friends, post them on Facebook and Twitter!