Community events to support KPFA

Support KPFA by attending one or more of KPFA’s wonderful speakers’ events featuring the best of progressive writers, thinkers and activists. Coming up in February: Rickey Vincent on the Black Panthers and music, Isabel Allende on her latest work, and Michio Kaku on the future of the mind. Click here for details.

Free Speech Radio News finally back

In late September, the independent newscast run on all Pacifica stations, Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), ceased production, largely because Pacifica had not paid nearly $200,000 owed to the group, according to Radio Survivor, Current and others. Founded by Pacifica freelance reporters striking against management censorship in 2000, the program had long served as the … Read more

KPFA exceeds funding goals, but isn’t out of the woods yet

KPFA’s staff report the station beat its Summer Fund Drive goal by a tidy $10,000. (If you didn’t get a chance to give, you can still do so online). But with Pacifica’s financial problems intensifying, KPFA’s budget could be threatened. KPFA’s fundraising success over the past year is partly a result of former manager Andrew Phillips‘ … Read more

Pacifica in crisis: WBAI on the brink

This week, Pacifica management laid off two-thirds of the staff at KPFA’s sister station WBAI in New York. The station will no longer have a local newscast; it’s unclear whether it will have any paid programmers at all. Pacifica’s interim executive director Summer Reese broke the news over WBAI’s airwaves, reports the Pacifica Evening News (2 … Read more

KPFA needs you: please pledge!

The on-air summer fund drive is now in full swing and ends FRIDAY, August 2. Consider how much KPFA’s continuing presence means to you and your co-workers, friends and neighbors. [UPDATE: KPFA exceeded its goals! See the results here.] Consider what listener-supported, non-corporate radio means for all people facing a future fraught with dangers to health, education, … Read more

KPFA’s budget in the black; challenges remain at Pacifica

KPFA is doing well right now, with an upcoming budget under consideration by the Local Station Board (LSB). But problems elsewhere in the Pacifica network continue. Financial support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for all five Pacifica stations is being withheld, after the network was cited in an audit for “insufficient accounting practices, misreported revenues and failure to comply with CPB … Read more

“Loyalty” lawsuit against KPFA listener-activists dropped

A lawsuit demanding over $800,000 in “damages” from four KPFA listeners who tried to raise money for KPFA has been dropped, with its initiator agreeing to pay all costs for SaveKPFA‘s legal defense team. The SLAPP suit had been filed against the Morning Show 4 — elected KPFA board members Margy Wilkinson, Dan Siegel, Mal Burnstein and Conn Hallinan — who … Read more

Not again! Why can’t Pacifica stop trying to censor its staff?

If you thought the drive to censor KPFA’s workers was past, think again. Pacifica has released new versions of its “employee handbook” for both paid and volunteer workers, according to, which threaten them with termination for posting criticism of the network on their personal social media pages or private websites, or even speaking to … Read more